Vape trends are famous worldwide and are at their peak in the UAE. Many new manufacturers are emerging in the market to provide the best vapes. MYLE is the best brand for high-quality, portable, and affordable pods. It contains vape liquid of the highest quality without any impurities. 

Thus it ensures safety for the people of UAE who are new to vaping. The MYLE disposables have the perfect blend of ingredients with the best and most unpredictable flavors. In such a way, original flavor of the pod and the tobacco could be better. 

Therefore it is necessary to buy products that have varying flavors. The MYLE comes in many different flavors. 

Give the following article a read if you’re eager to know necessary details about MYLE flavors. Online websites like Smokefree are the best place to visit if you want to buy these products at affordable prices in UAE.

Exclusive Flavors of MYLE In UAE

Picking the right flavor for the vape or the pod is essential, and you would know this if you are a consumer of these products. The unique flavors of MYLE that are newly introduced in the market and are in high demand are as follow:

Iced Quad Berry

Leading the market of vapes with its exceptional demand, the iced quad berry is a unique flavor of MYLE that you can find in online stores. It gives you a punch of tobacco with the exclusive flavor of the berries. 

Along with the durability of the vape liquid, its aroma lasts for an extended duration. It lasts for more time when compared to the other flavors. All the essence of this flavor is brought about by the organic ingredients. 

Mighty Mint

If you want a MYLE flavor that gives you chill for a longer time interval. Might mint got you with its unique punch of flavors.  It provides people with some authentic mint flavors. It takes the tobacco level in your body to another level that is exciting to experience. 

Another plus point that you’ll be happy to hear about it its reasonable price! You don’t have to save bucks before buying it. The nicotine saturation and the mint flavor make the best combination ever.

Tropical Mango

It is the best-selling flavor of MYLE among the people of the UAE. It has the organic flavors of the world best selling fruit. No health issues are associated with the use of this MYLE flavor. 

The fruitiness of this flavor is so effective, and it provides people with the best benefits. With every toke, your mouth will bless you with the taste you imagined while getting this flavor. These flavors are unique and rare because of the high demand. So don’t be late and get one for yourself at Smokefree UAE.

Mixed Fruit

It can be the best option to consider if you are a cocktail guy and want the joy of all flavors at once. It contains blends of different fruit flavors that most people like. It comes with the perfect balance of tobacco and appropriate flavor. In such a way, you don’t have to get concerned about the over-dosage of a puff. 

This flavor will give you a flavor ride you will remember for life. Thus, if you are a vape lover and want the best flavor of MYLE, try out this one. 

Iced Coffee

Among the list of the best seller, this MYLE flavor has amazed people with its genuine touch of mouth watering aroma. If you want a coffee but want it in your vape, choose this flavor. It never fails to amaze the inner satisfaction level of users. With each puff you take, you get closer to the fantasy world of joy and craze. 

It is introduced in the local markets of the UAE, and even tourists can buy it without any restrictions. It is affordable and budget-friendly. It will make your vaping experience unique and unforgettable.


Have you ever tried peach in MYLE? If not, try this one. It got the most organic flavor of the peach and provides people with the best experience. The fruity charm of this MYLE flavor provides people with unending joy. 

It is used in vape liquid without any impurities, so it has no health risks. The dose of this flavor is mild and won’t make you high. Instead, it provides you with charm and mental comfort.


You will also consider it quite similar to Cuban cigars because the aroma has great similarity in it. It is available at online stores and the local market in UAE. It is the perfect mixture of vape liquid and unique tobacco flavors. 

It gives long-lasting charm to people worldwide. The best thing to note here is that the UAE allows its usage, and it is legally sold in the local markets at affordable prices.

Iced Watermelon

Smokefree also offers you the rare flavor of MYLE that is hard to find in the local markets of UAE. If you love the aroma of fruits, you’ll definitely be going to love it. It provides a fresh yet juicy vibe with a prominent tobacco flavor. It ensures the optimum satisfaction of the consumer. 

The best thing to note here is that it is affordable compared to the other brands in the market. Every puff of this MYLE flavor will get you closer to the fun land full of flavor and charm.

Bottom Line:

It is essential to choose a healthy yet exciting flavor of MYLE so that you can have a memorable smoking experience. With more than 30 different flavors of MYLE in the market, we have listed some of the best ones for you in the article above.

Try to get at least one of these flavors to fascinate the taste buds in your mouth with the smoke produced. We ensure you the return purchase when you try these flavors to please your tobacco needs.