According to the World Health Organization, smoking cigarettes kills roughly 8 million people annually. Fortunately, we now live in a world of alternatives! For smokers, the market is flooded with options nowadays. They have more alternatives than just cigarettes and vapes. This includes the brand new HEETS!

This article will elaborate on everything you need to know about HEETS and how they differ from conventional cigarettes. Read on to know more. 


HEETS are tobacco sticks that have been specifically created to work with IQOS heat-not-burn technology. The IQOS Heet is thought to be 95% less harmful to a user’s health than conventional cigarettes. 

This, it appears, is caused by the IQOS heating rather than burning the tobacco in each Heet. This reduces the cancer-causing chemicals it produces, ultimately making HEETS a risk-free alternative to smoking. Heets versus cigarettes in Dubai is a hot topic nowadays due to the highly innovative e-smoking experience. 

As opposed to the flavored e-liquid normally found in e-cigarettes, heat-not-burn products employ genuine tobacco. The idea behind heat-not-burn is to provide consumers with a similar visual and tactile sensation to smoking a traditional cigarette without exposing them to smoke from burning tobacco.

How do the IQOS HEETs work?

The Heet was created specifically to provide a consistent cigarette experience. It is arranged and compressed so that only the right amount of tobacco hits the heating blade within the IQOS holder. The vapor that has been expelled is next forced through a cooling plug, which lowers the temperature of the vapor to the ideal level.

The IQOS HEETS are easy to operate and have a straightforward appearance. They consistently provide a distinctive and consistent tobacco sensation. The iQOS Heet is heated uniformly to a temperature of 350 degrees celsius when the user places the Heet into the IQOS holder. 

The user can then inhale the mist by drawing on it. The user will take the heated tobacco out of the holder and discard it after it has finished heating.

Is the IQOS 3 Duo worth it?

The IQOS 3 Duo makes it as easy as possible for beginners to begin their path to stop smoking. This IQOS electronic cigarette perfectly mimics the flavor and entire cigarette experience. Still, it should only be used with IQOS Heets to heat tobacco at a particular temperature to prevent burning.

It should come as no surprise that the 3 Duo, the newest IQOS product to hit the market, is jam-packed with innovations and features that elevate it to the status of the brand’s best product to date. Users can enjoy up to two straight usages without needing to recharge between Heets thanks to the inclusion of a convenient pocket charger, making it ideal for individuals who are constantly on the go.

Despite the constantly expanding and heavily crowded market for vaping alternatives, IQOS has managed to differentiate itself from the competition and become a well-known brand thanks to their new IQOS 3 Duo device. Definitely, worth the hype, we’d say!

What should I know about the IQOS Originals Duo?

The IQOS Originals Duo Starter Kit comes with two packs of Heets in your preferred flavor and the IQOS Originals Duo gadget (holder and charger). Convenience is one of the key advantages of the IQOS Originals Duo Kit. 

The user may recharge the gadget while on the go, thanks to the charger, which is small and convenient to carry. In addition to producing a less repulsive scent than traditional cigarettes, the heating of the tobacco may also appeal to some users.

The IQOS Originals Duo gadget has a charger and a holder. The Heets are placed inside the thin pen-like holder, which may also be charged while it is in use or while being carried around. It is relatively simple to use and is highly economical. The model definitely gives tough competition to the IQOS 3 Duo!

IQOS Originals Duo versus IQOS 3 Duo- Which is better?

According to an analysis of both products’ features, the IQOS Originals Duo is a redesigned and rebranded version of its IQOS 3 Duo heated tobacco device. The producers claim that Originals Duo’s heat management technology simulates the original tobacco experience by innovatively heating the tobacco from the inside with a flat, wide ceramic blade.

Without the need for a buy-back or product swap, it seems inevitable that the Originals Duo will be replacing the 3 Duo devices while showcasing full compatibility with the current Heets tobacco sticks.

To Conclude?

The IQOS devices are a bit more expensive than those you can buy online, but the benefits and support you get from IQOS are unmatched! They lead the industry in customer satisfaction, whether it’s through resolving technical problems, providing you with exclusive access to IQOS lounges around the world, or offering you exceptional discounts! So do your homework before joining the bandwagon. The time for risk-free smoking is now!