It’s important to prioritize safety and consider the rules and regulations of your specific location when using vaping products indoors. While vaping produces less odor and visible smoke compared to traditional smoking, there are still steps you can take to minimize the visibility and odor of vape clouds indoors:

how to hide vape smoke indoors

Choose the Right Location:

If vaping is allowed indoors, choose a well-ventilated area with proper airflow. Being near a window or using a fan can help disperse the vapor.

Use a Window Fan or Air Purifier:

Positioning a window fan to blow air out or using an air purifier with a HEPA filter can help clear the air and reduce the visibility of vapor.

Exhale Carefully:

Exhale your vapor slowly and deliberately. Blowing the vapor downwards or towards a fan or open window can help prevent it from spreading throughout the room.

Use Discreet Devices:

Some vaping devices are designed to produce less vapor or have adjustable airflow settings. Using devices with lower vapor production can help reduce visibility.

Choose E-Liquids Wisely:

Some e-liquids produce stronger odors than others. Opt for e-liquids with less potent scents or those designed to minimize lingering smells.

Avoid Cloud Chasing:

Cloud chasing, which involves producing large vapor clouds, is more likely to attract attention. If discretion is your goal, avoid exhaling big clouds.

Close Doors:

If possible, close doors to prevent vapor from spreading to other areas of the building.

Use Towels or Fabric Softeners:

Placing damp towels or fabric softeners in the room can help absorb odors.

Communicate with Others:

If you’re in a shared space, communicate with those around you about your vaping and try to find a solution that is considerate to everyone’s preferences.

Follow Rules and Regulations:

Always follow the rules and regulations of the place you are in. Many indoor spaces have policies against vaping, and it’s important to respect those rules.


Remember that while these steps can help mitigate the visibility and odor of vape clouds indoors, the safest and most considerate approach is often to step outside or find designated vaping areas if available. Always be aware of your surroundings and considerate of others when vaping indoors.