IQOS is a world-famous brand renowned for creating vaping devices, also known as IQOS devices, for several years. You may also call it an e-cigarette because it works as an electronic device that lets you have the same experience as consuming nicotine using a regular cigarette. 

If you are wondering where you can buy the perfect IQOS device for you or want to learn more about these devices, this post will include all the information necessary that you must know before purchasing an IQOS device.

You will also learn about different models of IQOS so you can decide as you buy them. Let’s start by understanding what exactly IQOS is.

IQOS- What is it?

With the rise of vaping, most of us learned about the term e-cigarettes. However, none of us understood what these devices were. 

IQOS is a type of smoking device that is used to heat tobacco rather than burn it. Therefore, the nicotine and other substances are heated within this device without combustion. 

An IQOS device can heat tobacco to the ideal temperature without burning it. Therefore, these devices are much safer than other electronic smoking alternatives.

Different IQOS Models to Buy

These IQOS devices have been existing for a considerable time now. If you want to purchase an IQOS device in 2023, consider the following models.

IQOS 3 Duo Kits

This fantastic device is flawless and will serve you with several extraordinary features. You can use this device to enjoy repeated nicotine consumption sessions.

As IQOS makes sure to upgrade their devices with new technologies to ensure the safety of their users, being the latest model, this device will also eliminate any adverse effects on your health.

With IQOS 3 Duo Kits upgraded version, you can enjoy multiple Heets of smoking sessions that are now available in several color types. 


If you want to enjoy a rich tobacco consumption experience with your IQOS device, IQOS ILUMA is the one you should go for. ILUMA comes with the latest and most innovative technology in IQOS devices. Using this device, you will realize your cravings to smoke while ensuring no harm to your health. 

It can be the right time to consider ordering your ILUMA to buy in Dubai and UAE, as it will provide you with the finest vaping experience.


The Prime version of IQOS ILUMA will provide you with a rich, smooth, clean, and enjoyable smoking experience with the help of next-generation technology. 

Using this device is pretty straightforward. Therefore, if you are looking for an IQOS device to substitute your regular cigarette smoking habit, go with IQOS ILUMA Prime.


This particular IQOS device has revolutionized the way IQOS is smoking the most. IQOS ILUMA is recognized for its long-lasting battery and most accurate temperature control. You can enjoy using it with other devices featuring the Bluetooth Low-Energy protocol.

 No matter wherever you are, you will always have the most incredible smoking experience with IQOS ILUMA One.


IQOS tobacco smoking product is now famous all over Dubai and UAE. By now, we assume you know the different models and their functions you can consider while buying IQOS in Dubai.

Make sure to choose a trusted online store as you buy your next IQOS device in Dubai while considering what you have learned today!