Are you trying to find the most incredible resource for details on how to buy IQOS devices in Dubai online? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the correct place. IQOS devices are an excellent solution for smokers who want to substitute their habit of smoking conventional tobacco cigarettes. The IQOS device was created by the cigarette industry’s behemoth Philip Morris International. These devices warm tobacco rather than burning it, releasing fewer toxins in the process.

What is IQOS?

The IQOS device is a system that serves as an inventive response to typical issues with traditional cigarette smoking, including ash, smoke, and high burning temperatures. An ideal IQOS device in the UAE and Dubai heats specifically made Heets Sticks to 350 degrees Celsius. Therefore, this procedure will allow the IQOS device user to enjoy the authentic flavor of smoked tobacco while producing a tasty nicotine-containing vapor.

These devices also come with intuitive and built-in LED indications that make it easy for users to understand signs like if the device is ready for use or how much battery is left. The IQOS device can also alert users if there is any problem with the device.

Here is a list of different IQOS devices with their price and specifications.


  • Price- Starting from AED 649
  • Available in 5 Colors

IQOS ILUMA prime is one of the most innovative IQOS devices. Choosing this kit will enable you to enjoy the most pleasurable vaping experience with IQOS. This device is formed using top notch-technologies and components to provide users with the most effortless experience. If you want to upgrade to the vaping game, buy IQOS ILUMA prime starting from AED 649 today!


  • Price- AED 499 – 699
  • Available in 5 Colors

For a personalized and enjoyable vaping experience, IQOS ILUMA KITS will offer you with most advanced features and two different consecutive uses. This device has no blades; therefore, you won’t need to clean it for maintenance constantly. You will receive plenty of vapor and the same pleasurable taste with each Heets Stick you will smoke. Make sure to use ILUMA KIT with TEREA sticks only, as previous generation Sticks are incompatible with it.


  • Price- AED 479
  • Available in 5 Colors

Rejuvenate your smoking experience with IQOS ILUMA One. It is one of the most stylish and advanced kits to attract modern smokers. You can find this series of IQOS devices in five attractive colors. The kit will include a pocket charger and two long-lasting batteries for an endless smoking experience. 

Using its pocket charger, you can forget about finding a charging spot, as you can charge your device on the go. Buy this kit in your favorite color starting from AED 479 and start your journey to modern and harmless smoking immediately!

Final Note

IQOS devices are designed to provide users with a similar experience to smoking cigarettes. However, these devices do not burn tobacco to help you consume nicotine. By using advanced technologies, these devices can help you enjoy your smoking session more healthily by heating the fine-quality tobacco in the Heets Sticks with a blend of different flavors. If you want to purchase your IQOS device today, you can consider our list and go through the specifications of each product to choose the right one for you.