Geek vape B Series Coil for Aegis Boost Bonus LE (5pcs)

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Indulge in Superior Vaping Pleasure with GeekVape’s B Series Coils – Elevate Your Aegis Boost Experience!

Enhance your Aegis Boost with the GeekVape B Series Coils, a bonus Limited Edition pack of five coils meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional flavor, dense vapor, and prolonged coil life. Immerse yourself in the world of superior vaping pleasure with GeekVape’s precision-engineered coils.

Key Features:

  1. Flavor-Intensive Design: GeekVape’s B Series Coils are designed to intensify flavor profiles, ensuring every draw is a burst of rich, satisfying taste. Elevate your vaping experience as each coil captures the nuances of your favorite e-liquids.
  2. Dense Vapor Production: Experience dense and voluminous vapor clouds without sacrificing flavor. The B Series Coils strike the perfect balance, offering a delightful combination of robust vapor production and heightened taste.
  3. Bonus Limited Edition Pack: With this special Bonus Limited Edition pack, you receive five coils for an extended vaping journey. Keep your Aegis Boost performing at its peak with the convenience of multiple coils, ensuring you’re always ready for a satisfying vape.
  4. Extended Coil Lifespan: GeekVape’s commitment to quality is evident in the extended lifespan of the B Series Coils. Enjoy prolonged usage between replacements, allowing you to savor the exceptional performance for an extended period.
  5. User-Friendly Installation: The user-friendly design of the B Series Coils ensures easy installation, making coil replacements a breeze. Stay worry-free and enjoy a seamless vaping experience with the Aegis Boost.


Technical Specifications:

Coil Specifications
Resistance [Specify Coil Resistance]
Compatibility Aegis Boost, Aegis Boost Plus
Quantity Bonus Limited Edition 5pcs
Material [Specify Coil Material]
Wicking Material [Specify Wicking Material]


Elevate your Aegis Boost experience with GeekVape’s B Series Coils, now available in a Bonus Limited Edition pack of five. Order now from to enjoy a flavorful and satisfying vaping journey. Immerse yourself in the superior performance of GeekVape’s precision-engineered coils today!


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