VooPoo TPP Replacement Coils of drag x plus

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VooPoo TPP Replacement Coils  is a mesh coil equipped with the latest exclusive atomization technology, features a single mesh with a dual heating zone which brings.

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Unleash the Power of VooPoo TPP Coils – Superior Flavor, Massive Vapor Production

Experience a new level of vaping excellence with the VooPoo TPP Replacement Coils designed for the Drag X Plus. Elevate your vaping performance with these cutting-edge coils that combine innovation, flavor, and cloud production. Unleash the power of VooPoo TPP Coils and indulge in a superior vaping experience.

Key Features:

  1. Innovative TPP Coil Technology: The VooPoo TPP Coils feature innovative technology that enhances flavor delivery and ensures massive vapor production. Each coil is meticulously crafted to provide a satisfying and immersive vaping experience.
  2. Mesh Coil Structure: Designed with a mesh coil structure, the TPP Coils offer an even heating surface, resulting in smooth and consistent vapor production. The mesh design enhances the flavor profile of your e-liquids, delivering a rich and nuanced taste.
  3. Multiple Resistance Options: Choose from a variety of resistance options to tailor your vaping experience. Whether you prefer a warmer, more intense draw or a cooler, smoother inhale, the TPP Coils provide versatile options to suit your preferences.
  4. Long-Lasting Performance: The VooPoo TPP Coils are engineered for durability and longevity. Enjoy extended usage without compromising on the quality of your vape, ensuring a reliable and consistent performance over time.


Technical Specifications:

Product Specifications Details
Coil Compatibility VooPoo TPP Coil Series
Coil Options TPP-DM1 0.15ohm, TPP-DM2 0.2ohm, and more (Check product details)
Material Kanthal Mesh
Wicking Material 100% Organic Cotton
Recommended Wattage Varied (Check product details)
Compatible With VooPoo Drag X Plus Kit


Immerse yourself in the ultimate vaping experience with VooPoo TPP Replacement Coils for Drag X Plus. Whether you’re a flavor enthusiast or cloud chaser, these coils offer a perfect balance of performance and innovation. Elevate your vaping journey – order your VooPoo TPP Coils at SmokeFree.net and discover a new dimension of flavor and vapor.


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