As a new user of the IQOS device, you will come up with many questions. Among all the questions, the one we get asked the most is about different types of Heets Sticks. People ask how many flavors of Heets are available there and how they can find their ideal type.

Therefore, in this article, you will learn everything you were curious about as a new IQOS Heets user.

The Composition of a Heets Stick

Below is how a Heets stick is formed:

  • Natural tobacco with added water, glycerin, and cellulose fiber.
  • Acetate fiber filter.
  • A film that maintains a comfortable temperature level.
  • A filter that is similar to cigarette filters.
  • A thin foil layer between the paper and tobacco sheet enables glycerin to flow through it.

This thin foil layer also aids with lasting heating, an exemplary aspect of ideal Heets sticks.

Different Types of Heets Sticks by Their Flavor and Potency 

Here is a selection of various Heets sticks with their descriptions so you can choose the ideal one as per your preferences:

Heets Amber Label

This selection of Heets is created to enjoy a similar smoking experience to regular cigarettes. You will feel the real taste of tobacco as you will smoke Amber Heets. So, we suggest you go with these Heets only if you are a regular or experienced smoker and are switching to IQOS from Cigarette smoking.

Heets Yellow Label

New smokers love this classic version of Heets. Anyone still needs to get used to the taste of Heets can prefer the Yellow Label Heets for their mild notes. It is a potent Heets to satisfy your daily smoking cravings.

HEETS Turquoise Label

If you don’t want to get the taste of tobacco while smoking, this Heets stick comes with a button that lets you enjoy a hint of menthol as you press it. This Heets flavor is perfect for you if you do not prefer strong smoking habits.

HEETS Purple Label

These Heets sticks will offer a hint of berry blended with menthol flavor for a mild smell and taste. You will find high-quality tobacco used in these Heets and added flavors.

Heets Bronze Label

You will love to try the Bronze Label for its aftertaste and smell of cocoa and soft dried fruit. This Heets is created using a blend of unique flavors. For those who used to smoke Capitan Black cigarettes before and want to enjoy the same experience with Heets, this flavor is a perfect selection for you.

Heets Green Label

Most IQOS users have considered Green Label the best choice for Heets for its richness of menthol with added citrus. These Heets come with a bright green hue and will enable you to experience a refreshing taste.

Heets Noor

Noor Heets come in a dark brown pack, giving you a pleasant scent of lemon and cocoa. For new smokers, it will let you enjoy a smooth experience with nutty feels and a hint of citrus.

Heets Glaze

Encounter a smooth experience of aromatic herbs and a blend of fresh spices with Heets Glaze. This flavor is rich in menthol. So, regular smokers can prefer this flavor as it will take away all other odors.

Heets Yugen

Yugen flavor is a fantastic blend of fruity notes mixed with floral aromas. You will feel a dense taste of menthol and flowers as you smoke them. This is a mildly stronger flavor, and it is preferred mainly by female smokers.

Heets Apricity

Apricity features the taste of the apricot, and you will feel a woody aroma while smoking it. This flavor will feel softer to smoke, and you will trace fruity flavors. Therefore, occasional smokers can prefer this one.


Whether a regular smoker or a novice, you can consider this list of complete Heets flavors and choose the one that suits your preferences the most. Look for the distinctiveness of each flavor and choose the one you think you will enjoy the most.