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Inmates to Receive Vape Kits Before Tobacco Ban

Vaping is now used as a tool to help prisoners quit smoking. Despite all the controversies vaping has gained among different critics and health organizations,...

Bo One Vaporizer Review: The Pod Vape Expansion

BO One Review (1)
The Bo One Vaporizer is a modern and sleek vape with striking auto-draw feature and an innovative 1.5ml replaceable pod cartridge called as Bo Cap. The Bo...

The Great Debate: Facts Vape Haters Love To Hate

The Great Debate_ Facts Vape Haters Love To Hate
There is a great debate behind the reason why there's a decline in the use of tobacco products from 4.5 to 3.5 million from...

Possible East Hampton Vape Ban

Possible East Hampton Vape Ban (1)
There is a vaping ban proposed in East Hampton Village in New York. The proposed legislation involves banning several things to protect the environment...

KandyPens RUBI Review: More Than Just A Rough Gem

RUBI Review (1)
When it comes to e-liquid and wax vaping, the KandyPens RUBI Vaporizer stands out because of its unmatched versatility and flexibility. Well, this is because of...

Best Pre-Filled Oil Cartridges For 2018

Best Pre-Filled Oil Cartridges For 2018
The cannabis consumption methods are rapidly changing because of the increased demand in the United States and other parts of the world. They are...

JUUL E-Liquid Vape Review: Is It Worth The Hype?

JUUL Review
JUULs can be considered as transition devices to help smokers quit tobacco use completely. It is also regarded as one of the devices at...

Famous Vape Banned in Israel

Famous Vape Banned in Israel
JUUL, a famous vape brand was just recently banned by the government of Israel. This would include sales and importation of the said company due to...

Woman Claims Vaping CBD Cured Eczema

Woman Claims Vaping CBD Cured Eczema
CBD or cannabidiol continue to gain so much popularity because of its healing effects. Cheryl Halliburton, a 27-year old patient who suffered from eczema,...

Getting Out of Hand: Vaping Said to Cause DNA Mutation

Getting Out of Hand_ Vaping Said to Cause DNA Mutation
According to a recent study, vaping can increase the risk of abnormal cell formation or DNA mutations that could possibly lead to cancer. Nicotine flavored vape e-juices or e-liquids can...